Being a supportive Truckers Wife! Wife in general.

by Trinity Entler
(Lake Elsinore CA)

Being a wife to a man who isn't home very often is extremely stressful and difficult. Every relationship has there bumpy roads. Throughout my marriage I try to be as supportive as I can be most of all I try to get into activities that can keep me busy because I am a house wife with one child.

As a wife I believe its your responsibility to build a home that your husband can come home to and be stress free. We both try to talk to each other as much as we possibly can and when we both have time we even face time one another.

Most of all when he's home we try to do as much family time as we can as well as date nights with just my husband and I maybe a movie and dinner.

I think its very important to have alone time especially when we both lack each others attention. The main key is to be supportive and understanding don't forget encouraging for every man wants a women that can make him feel at the top of the world.

When you have your breaking moments just remind yourself of all the positive reasons your husband is sacrificing his time away from his family and that's to benefit his family.

I really hope that I helped any of those wives feeling in need of advice.

Hope you have a blessed day;)

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