Be Patient

Be patient because I guarantee you will be tested.  Life as a trucker requires this skill.  But guess what, life in general requires this skill.  The better you get at it, the less stress you will experience in life.

I found several ways to work on developing more patience.  I will share them with you and you can apply these techniques as well.  To be patient means to be in control of your mind state.  It's a difficult but power skill to learn.  Hard to master but easy to improve upon!

Patience Tested Video

How to Be Patient More

Ride in the right lane during rush hour traffic.

When you do this, you MUST keep your proper following distance.  No tailgating or blowing the horn when getting cut off or starred at, lol.

No only that, you must be mindful about your attitude.  The objective is to keep your pleasant personality.  No cursing anyone out under your breath.  No sighing in disgust over other people's driving habits or even the fact that you are losing time.  Just be patient and relax!.

Listen to a talk radio station that you disagree with

Talk radio is good for this.  If you are liberal there are lots to choose from that might normally piss you off.  If you are republican not as many.  But that's cool there are plenty of outlets on YouTube that will work, lol.

Same idea here about not allowing your emotions to corrupt your thoughts.  You must remain positive and without anger or disgust.  Be neutral and just listen to what people have to say.  Understand some of them believe in their opinion just as you believe in yours.

It's possible that neither of you are right anyway, you just believe that you are right.  Whose to say.  I digress, the point is to not get upset or inclined to call in or curse at the radio, lol.

If you can't find a station quick enough be patient, lol.

Start a conversation about a controversial topic with someone

Obviously not someone who will be on the same side of the issue as you.  Your objective is not to debate or argue but to listen to their opinion.  Don't do this if you can't do the prior one without getting mad, lol.

Be Patient

Techniques for improving patience

  • Take deep breaths slowly - Focus on breathing
  • Talk to yourself - say what you need to say in order to stay positive
  • Stop yourself from thinking negatively about the situation
  • Find something positive to think about related
  • Look at the bigger picture of things not the smaller thing you dislike
  • Find things to appreciate and be thankful for
  • Realize that you are choosing how you react to things

Why is it important to work on being more patient?

Because you will have a lot of opportunities to use this skill as a truck driver.  Waiting for a load, in traffic, on the phone, in lines, waiting for a shower at truck stops, waiting for people to park and get out of your way, etc.  Just so many.  Even for ducks to cross the road!

Because patience is a life skill.  The better you are the better quality of life you will have, it will improve

  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Making money
  • Reaching goals
  • Helping others

and more. 

If you think it is not important and therefor neglect developing the skill, you can look forward to...

  • More stress
  • Strained relationships
  • Lack of appeal
  • Lack of attractiveness (business, personal, etc)

What NOT to do

  • Tell yourself that you can't change or improve
  • Say that that is just who you are
  • Blame your lack of patience on other things

Well, this is my opinion anyway.  It's based on a big picture perspective of how lack of patience negative affects who you are as a person and your health to be easily or in consistent stress.  Also based on being someone in better control of your patience (and mind/body/thoughts/acteions in general) make you stand out.

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Take The Right Lane Challenge

Ride in the right lane during rush hour traffic.

When you do this, you MUST...

  • keep your proper following distance
  • No blowing the horn
  • When someone
  • No blowing heavy breaths in disgust, lol
  • No cursing
  • No beating the steering wheel

You get the idea.  Just be patient and relax!.

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