Be Careful With Molo Solutions

by Hervy
(North Carolina)

Specified weight on Rate Con

Specified weight on Rate Con

Just make sure if you're hauling a heavy load, you get the verified weight from the shipper before letting them load.

Here's what happened to me.

I hauled a load with Molo from Polar Beverages Fitzgerald Ga to Mebane NC on December 19th 2022. This means a good amount of backroads driving.

When we negotiated the rate for the load, it based on 40,000lbs. Which is about as much as I'd like to haul on backroads unless I get the rate I want to justify the cost of fuel.

The rate con said the load was 40,000 lbs. But I also saw an asterisk statement that said trucks need to be able to scale 44,500lbs.

I arrived at the shipper and on the way in a guy was coming out. I asked him what his weight was. He said about 45,000 lbs.

This was alarming to me. I understand loads can vary in weight because not all product weighs the same and not all customers order the same amount.

However, I just wanted verification to make sure. Because it wouldn't be the first time there was discrepancy in actual weight and weight given on a rate con.

I went on in and checked in.

Asked the shipper what the weight was. She said she couldn't tell me until it was loaded and she printed the bills.

I had an issue with that. Because if you know what you're loading then seems you know what it weighs to know how to load it. She was saying she didn't have access to those details in the shipping office but the lady across the street at security check in did. She was nice but that was fishy.

I don't know if that was true or not. But I asked her to politely give me a second to speak to the broker.

When I called I asked the broker what was the actual weight. He says 40,000. My response was, "I KNOW what's on the rate con. And it also says you must be able to scale 44,500. The lady here can't tell me the actual weight. I asked, " Do you KNOW that's the actual weight or is that a place holder that yall just put on the rate con so carriers were more likely to, take the load?"

He says he knows that's the actual weight.

So I then give the shipper the go ahead to load me.

I go back to the truck. After it's loaded. I go inside to sign the bills and OF COURSE it's 44,451 not 40,000lbs.

I immediately call the broker. Guy answers the phone and acts like he's surprised the bill weight and weight on the rate con is not the same. Says he's going to check into it and call me back.

I waited for 10 minutes and of course they didn't call back.

I sent emails to issue resolution and the broker evan.smith about the weight discrepancy and how it was disingenuous and misleading to have 40,000 lbs on the rate
con knowing the weight was more.

Stating the negotiated rate was based on 40,000 lbs and that I would like additional $100 for the 4,400 more lbs on the trailer.

Meanwhile i call back again. They say they are looking into it and will call me right back.

Mr. Smith sends an email saying he's all over it. And asked for a copy of thte BOL showing the higher weight so he could add that $100. I send the BOL it.

Thinking they were about to do the right thing. I go ahead and take off with the load.

Shortly after I read the response when I stopped that said they wouldn't the customer wouldn't be able to pay the $100 since the rate con stated that we need to be able to scale 44,500lbs.

We went back and forth several times during my trip to receiver.

What was really off putting was him saying if it was him and he saw the message that said I need to be able to scale 44,500 he would have assumed it to weigh 44,500.

No sir. If i call to verify the accurate weight and a weight is stated specifically on the bill. Then that would be stupid to assume. Unless I should automatically assume MOLO was a deceitful and misleading broker.

I gave the benefit of doubt that the load was what was stated where it says WEIGHT on the rate con.

Then when I had concern, I did call to verify actually weight before letting them load me and was told by someone in the office that 40,000lbs was actual weight.

Obviously I took the load and delivered it early. I'm not one of those drivers to play the stall and delay and I'm not delivering your freight game .......

I'm not going to pretend this hasn't happened before with brokers. But I usually don't waste time trying to correct for one reason or another. This time I really wouldn't have taken that load for that amount from that location. So I just wanted them to understand the difference this discrepancy made. It's not a small thing to be made light of.

Was asking to them to at least stop this practice.

But for them to act like I should have assumed the weight would be the higher amount like the specific amount stated should be disregarded was a slap in the face.

The money would have been fair and at the very least, "You're right. We should have the accurate weight on the bill or it should state UP TO 44,500 lbs." should have been the response.

NOT we should have assumed the weight would be 44,500.
That like poking and going ahhhhhh I GOT YOU!
Like you're proud to be deceitful and pull it off!

This is sketchy and shady business practice for MOLO to be doing.

So just be on the alert when hauling MOLO loads for the weight. Especially if it picks up at Polar Beverage, know it could weigh far more than 40,000lbs.

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