Truckers Anti-Social Behavior

Trucking can make your anti-social!

Understand that having an anti social behavior is not the same as having the condition anti-social behavior disorder.

Some of us start trucking because we are already anti social.  Some truckers may find themselves becoming a bit anti social if they start driving over the road, especially as a single person due to isolation and lack of interaction with others.

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Some drivers occupy all of their free time doing something that doesn't require dealing with others.  TV in the bunk, preparing food in the bunk, reading in the bunk, watching videos, on social media etc.

For instance, sometimes I sat at the computer for hours working on this website. I am also writing for several book ideas. I am recording audio, video and sometimes editing both.  I am never finished!

Well that takes away from being social with others in traditional ways. Often I cut the ringer on the phone off.  Cause I don't want to be disturbed.

So after days of this, I have to make myself put it up and just spend time in the truck stop interacting with other drivers.  Every now and then on a Sunday usually, I'll make myself call friends and family.  Especially the ones who have called and i didn't answer.

I have also found myself doing what I am sure other drivers do....

With NPR or some other program on about something interesting, I will put off calling people back or going in the truck stop until that is over, then another good one will come on, and the cycle continues until it's tool late to bother folk or I'm too tired.  And I wrote that 10 years ago, now we also have podcasts!

Looking back I can actually tell that I lost skills interacting with others for a while.  Even my speaking skills were hampered by not speaking much during the time that I had the most projects going at once, because the only thing I did was focused on projects.  I only talked when I needed to talk to deliver or dispatch.  When I talked to someone I am pretty sure they felt I showed anti social behavior.  I used to hold the phone with nothing to say.  Or i'd be thinking about writing.  I even realize that my enunciation of words have gotten poor due to lack of talking!  So sad.  

So balance is the name of the game. Don't get so busy doing other things that you don't communicate with your loved ones. Obviously, if you are in a relationships, that will demand some of your time and attention, if you don't provide it, don't expect it to remain healthy.

So, hopefully reading this in early stages and you will stay engaged in conversation with people.  Read out loud.  So you stay in speaking practice.  (That's the hack I'm supposed to be implementing, lol)

Trucker Wives are Worried 

Trucker Wives sometimes talk about how drivers call home less often and remain on the phone for shorter periods of time.  The natural assumption is that there is something going on.  That could be true, but I believe often it is not true.

I have talked to truckers who say they just don't feel like talking or don't want to hear what will be said when the call is made.  Arguing and complaining.  (I sympathize.  I experienced this first hand myself recently)  You will only make things worse by simply not calling. 

Decide that you will learn what it takes to communicate and get along with your spouse if this is the case.  Relationship counseling or coaching might help you and your significant other to communicate better. 

See the page on relationships too

Using distance and time to create space between you and your spouse is not helpful is you want to keep or grow the relationship.

And ladies please know, some of the awkwardness you might experience doesn't mean he's cheating or got something going on.  Taking to you might be the most he's said since the last time you've seen him.

Anti-Social Behavior Personality Disorder

If you feel that you have the more serious anti social behavior disorder you need to seek help. Its hard to treat this disorder in an adult so you must commit yourself to change.

If you have the symptoms below most of the time you may have a serious... No no no no no YOU DO HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM AND YOU NEED TO GET HELP

  • Don't care about other people's feeling. You will hurt them emotionally or physically just to get what you want.
  • You will steal cause you think you're entitled to it
  • You feel that you are above rules, regulations, and the law
  • You do things like don't understand why people cares about animals, you'll punt a puppy like a football.
  • You find yourself always jumping off drama and causing a commotion.
  • You're arrogant and rude to people without reason. -You are self centered. Everything you do is all about you. No one else matters.
  • You are setting fires in the bathroom stall (or anywhere else) People with unchecked anti-social personality disorder often end up committing serious crime that causes them an ill fate later in life.

If you can identify with at least 3 of the bullets above describing you, consider serious help.  You might have anti-social personality disorder and some other issues too.

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