Alone and very ill

by Janine
(Caledonia Ontario )

My family ❤️

My family ❤️

My boyfriend of almost one year recently started a new job where he is gone for up to three weeks can be more can be less we never know when we will see each other again.

I'm a very sick girl I have a lot of health issues and growing up with them. he's home for about two days I get maybe a day with him if I'm lucky after him catching up on sleep then paying bills it just doesn't seem like enough time.

His work I'm trying to get him to see that it's not at all a schedule. it's okay go here here here then se stout he just got a call this morning about 9 am he had to leave for work and he's already gone he got back Friday night at ten pm.

I grew up around this with my dad being a truck driver so I thought I'd be used to this but I can't and I'm trying to be very strong I don't know where else to turn to

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