Affordable CDL located in Colchester, Ct.

by Former Student
(Vernon, Ct.)

They lied about what trucks they have and they lied about the program I signed up for.

They don't have a syllabus and the contract is bad joke. You could buy the trucks they have for the $3,800 tuition cost and the trucks aren't even registered. You pay money to teach yourself, barely drive a truck, and be around a bunch of shady people all day on 50 yards of unpaved dirt. This place is a hardcore rip off plane and simple.

They want all the money up front before you drive so it's not very "affordable" and job placement doesn't exist. They have no respect for their students and just want money. A very shady negative place to get a CDL A. The trucks and the people running the school are garbage. They spent more money for their surveillance cameras and voices recorders than they did for their trucks. (I think they made a lot of enemies). Honestly I never expected a "state school" could be so shady.

Hope this helps. The truth about Affordable CDL.

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