A Truckers wife of 7 yrs

by melissa
(orlando florida usa)

Wow to be a truckers wife is hard, you are putting so much trust with him (hoping he stays away from lot lizards).

You have to be independent and understanding about their jobs.

My husband Jeff has been a trucker for 15 yrs so when we met i knew what i was getting into. (his family is a trucking family) We have 2 kids a 6yr old boy and a 16 month baby girl. My husband works his A$$ off and when he gets ripped off by these little companies it makes you go into this mode that makes you want to go crazy!!!!
(if you are a truckers wife you know what i mean). He has hauled everything from entertainment to cow hauling and reefers etc....

I do everything under the sun to keep busy so i don't get too upset (even after all these yrs i still hate when he's gone) but when he comes home its like Christmas time so when he's home he has all of our attention.

Some days are harder then others i must say and there are not too many people out there that understand or is willing go through what we go through.

In my opinion a truckers wife is one of the strongest women out there.

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