a truckers understanding wife

by Samantha

My husband is a trucker, it is very hard to be a part for so long. We have been married for almost 21 years,We have three children all of whom have their own challenges, two of them are autistic and the other one has a lot of health problems.

I am doing this alone it feels, but my husband is always a phone call away to help me get through the day. I miss him a great deal, and we try to talk as much as we can granted it is not the same as having him home. I do try to let him know I am thinking about him and want him. So we do a lot of phone sex (kids are no where around!) and txt sex, and if there is time maybe some cute pics of a loving wife who is waiting for her man.

This is a life style that is hard on everyone involved. My man needs to know how much we appreciate that he decided to do this to make money for our family since our autistic children will not be leaving home in their lifetime we have to always be thinking about that too.

We do not get many breaks from stress, but we do try to be there for each other. You both definitely have to have a tremendous amount of trust to do this job.

I try to come up with ways to let him know I am always thinking about him. I think that is important. And I always try to make sure that when he does finally get to come home and spend time with his family it is fun, relaxed, and he gets to have a great time with his kids and then a fantastic time with his wife.

I think that is my job. It is stressful, but what job isn't. Although this job is tough because I don't get to kiss and hug him when I go to bed at night. I do have more responsibilities put on me, but he seems to care about all decisions that have to be made he is still only a phone call away.

This job will have to do until he can do something in town and be home every night and then it will be better, can still have phone sex with him! but don't have to wait weeks to have him all to myself!

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Aug 20, 2010
truckers dream
by: Hervy

Samantha, thanks for sharing your experience as a truckers wife.

Seems you have zeroed in a a pretty good balance of how to make things work.

I know it is not easy. I am sure you just made it a little more easier for some other new wives though by showing that the relationship can be strong and solid even through the tuff times and separation of the trucking lifestyle.

many years of happiness and success!

PS. You guys should start working on your plans for the transition out of the truck whenever that may be if you haven't already. So the ideal future that you want is something that your are working on making a reality

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