A Truckers Life Gets Crazy Off Duty

This is a true story, for real but its not mine I heard another driver tell it!

So the other day, I think it was Wednesday nite, around 8p.m. I was riding down I285 east around ATL, I was listening to the radio. Something told me to turn on the CB. (Oh yeah did i tell you I got my truck back. Don't want to get into that, I don't think it is running right but that is another story) I turned CB and the tale end of this guy telling someone else on the radio this story.

He said something like this ( I should have recorded it that nite but the recorder wasn't ready). . .

I was had been riding all day, then next thing I know my car had cut off and won't start. I tried everything I knew to get it running and nothing worked. So, I was sitting there in the sit trying to think about what else I could do to try and get it to start. Finally I thought about the bottle of liquor I had in my pocket. Something told me to pour the liquor out on the ground.

I got out of the car, walked around to the front and pour the liquor rite at the radiator on the ground. Man I could hear the car lapping the liquor up like a dog. The other guy said,"what did you see", He said, "I didn't see anything. I am glad I didn't see anything, that would have been too much, I would have left the car there and walked. But I could hear a sound like a dog lapping up water. That car was lapping that liquor up off the ground man. When I stopped hearing the sound, I went back into the car and tried to start it . . .

the car started right up! They pretty much faded out after that so I don't know if the lesson to the story was the Lord works in mysterious ways or not to drink and drive but it certainly tickled me for a while.

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