A hollow feeling in your stomach.

by Jimmy

If you've been driving for a month, a year, or twenty years, you will have surely experienced a hollow feeling in your stomach at some point. It may have come when you got a red light in the "coops" or started to jacknife on some ice, or almost took out a fire hydrant in making a right turn, but just caught yourself in time. Well,people,those situations don't even come close to the hollow feeling you will experience if you ever have a truck/trailer stolen.

I had a trailer stolen that I had dropped near my house in Sun City,Ca in May '06. I was taking home time and could only park the power unit at the house. There was an industrial area 2 miles away that me and many others dropped their trailers. I had actually had a Wal-Mart load on the trailer for a day or so and then delivered it in Riverside and took my time off. So the trailer was empty and I checked on it 3 times a day at least and had the landing gear handle locked to the frame, but it was still stolen.

It was never recovered and strangely enough, I handled all the reports with the company via the Q-comm. I did not want to make that phone call. Was dispatched in a couple hours and company was really great about the whole ordeal. That company is Earl Henderson Trucking out of Salem. Illinois. One of the best companies I've worked for. So in closing, watch your equipment and cargo. The thieves are. Jimmy

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