Quality of Life As a Trucker

Do you realize how much control you have over the quality and happiness of your life as a trucker?  I've heard many people say, "truck drivers don't have a life".  For those who looks at it that way, it's true.

However, if you don't want to be that miserable trucker, keep reading.

This image is a clip from the video that explains how happines is a choice.  I'm broke down and explain why I am happy.Happiness is a Choice Determined by Perspective

What Miserable Truckers Focus On

Don't look at trucking the way the miserable does.  They focus on things such as.....

  • Being away from home, kids and spouse
  • Not liking how much their paid
  • Not being in control of where they go
  • Not being able to hang out with friends and family
  • Not being able to drink, smoke, party
  • Expecting to gain weight due to lack of exercise
  • Lack of healthy food options
  • Unpredictability stresses you out

Now that doesn't mean pretend these things are not a part of trucking, it means instead of complaining about the problems, think of solutions to the problems......

Do Trucking Don't Let Trucking Do You!

For people like me, I love the journey of life as a trucker.  It won't be a permanent life long career for me, but I love it while I'm doing it and I'm doing it with a game plan for moving on to other things. 

I admit because of my family situation, it's easier for me.

However you too should enter trucking with a plan.  That plan for some would include learning what is needed to grow a trucking career or company.  For others it will be about fixing credit, saving money and investing in something else so that you can transition out of trucking.

What Happy Truckers Focus On

Focus on the positive.  What you focus on and how you filter what you are dealing with in life is in your full control!

You can't change everything that comes as a part of trucking.  However, you can change how you look at it and what you make of it.

(I broke down on the side of the road and even had to call road service, but I didn't have to get towed.  I could dwell on what it costed me or be thankful of the fact that I was able to drive home and fix the problem.  This in what the video below is about.)

But it's even much deeper than that look at the examples below

Having some sort of plan, it makes it easier to do the next thing you need to do to create happiness as a trucker..........

For example, with a plan instead of dwelling on you being away from home, you could focus on the goal your moving toward.

For example here are some good ideas to keep in mind...

  • First and foremost, it's (the trucking lifestyle) temporary (if desired with planning)
  • Trucking can lead to financial stability or freedom (With discipline)
  • Trucking can help you to better take care of your family (With relationship and time management)
  • It might be helping you fund another business (With a goal)
  • It might be your answer to income with a felony record
  • It can expose you to people and places you would other wise never be exposed to all while getting a check!
  • You are able to listen and learn while you work all day long
  • Every day is an adventure..

You should do it with a plan too, whether it's staying in it or moving on to other things.

What Unhappy Truckers Do

  • Complain about everything
  • Make why it won't work
  • Blame others for their failures
  • Make excuses why the worse will happen

What Happy Truckers Do

  • Evaluate situations and problem solve
  • Practice patience
  • Be thankful and grateful for what is going well
  • Look at the glass half full
  • Take responsibility
  • Plan, strategize, take action

Have a Plan For the Future

With a plan for dealing with challenges that come with trucking and setting goals for what you want your life to be, you can be proactive and more easily handle the trucking lifestyle and you don't have to worry about...

  • Gaining weight
  • Getting out of shape
  • Losing your wife/husband
  • Not having a job if autonomous truck take over (which they won't)
  • Being a trucker for life
  • Not having enough money to retire

These are some issues, excuses and reasons that drivers are unhappy.  There are ways to overcome all of these issues so why let them make your unhappy.  It's ridiculous. 

Figure out how to handle it or change professions!

Get a Better Trucking Job

Some trucker are miserable simple because they hate their trucking job.   If this is the case stop complaining and find another trucking job.  

Even if you live in the middle of no where, you can likely find a large carrier that can get you home.

Before switching though make sure you aske the questions to see if the trucking company can make you happy by supplying what you need.

I was talking to a guy the other day who blacked out. He was rushed to the Dr. and soon found out that his blood pressure was extremely high and his cholesterol was up. Of course they prescribed him medication.

I asked him what was he going to do differently. He said take the medicine. I said how long are you going to take the medication. He said I will be taking it for the rest of my life I guess.

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I asked what are you going to do differently aside from the medication. He said nothing. I asked, you never considered altering your diet so that you can lower and maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol level?

He said, “I don't eat fruits and I don't eat vegetables and never have.” I asked him have you tried all fruits and veggies. He said it doesn't matter, I won't eat them. I don't like the way they feel in my mouth.

Yes, this really happened yall.

Here is what I want to pass on to you. You sometimes need to examine the things that you do. You need to evaluate how much sense it makes or doesn't make. You need to analyze what motivates you to do some of the things that you do. Sometimes you have to be an adult and be more open minded, creative, reasonable, adventurous or just be more responsible and use common sense about the choices that you make.

You can't get far in life happy, healthy and financially free if you just do things for small minded reasons and don't even try to find ways to improve your habits and lifestyle. If you see that there is something you are doing that is working against you, be open to finding ways to make some changes to get yourself back on track. That is true with your diet, your finances, your relationships and your other goals.

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