27 Years and Counting

by Dawn Simpson
(Montreal Canada)

The year was 1983 and this single gal was looking for a mate. A friend took me to a party because he needed to see his brother who was a trucker and only home for weekends. I sat down at the table where a card game was going down and he threw me the Queen of Hearts and told me I was his Queen.

Guess he had me with that corny line because the next day at work I told the girls I met the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with.
Well Christmas was coming and I really wanted to go see my mom in Toronto so I took days off and told them at work I was going trucking.

Sandy (the guy with the corny pick up line) had not even asked me to go with him in the truck yet. But long story short I went with him and ended up in the States because he got dispatched there. Well he ended up having a break down and he told me not to worry we would get home before New Year's eve and that there was a great truck stop where I could take a nice hot shower.

Well he had not been to this place for awhile and the nice drivers lounge had one folding chair and the showers had moss growing on the walls.

Well we ended up not getting home for New Year's eve but spending it in his bunk drinking eggnog that he bought for me. I knew this was the worst trip of his career up to this point and someone was showing me exactly what I was getting into.

Well on October 20th 1984 we got married.

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