24weeks pregnant husband doesnt sleep with

by Chyls

I am 24weeks pregnant stay at home mom with a 5yr old & 1yr old. My husband owns his truck business & stays on the road 5/7 days or more of the week.

Well recently every time he is home since the year has started he has been sleeping in the kids room by choice & makes excuses to not sleep in our room.

First two months was ok since our daughter cries for him but it has been routine where he just won't, I have addressed it to him & uses that as another excuse to not sleep with me. He will only come to the room When he wants to be"intimate" time which is very annoying since the kids are will wake in 2hrs or less & has had there sleep.

Am I being selfish? Honestly I just don feel emotionally attached or I Dnt even think he cares. Idk what to do I already sleep alone when he isn't home & would love to be sleeping with my husband when he is.

We are parents all day at the end of the night it is nice to get that undivided attention to lay next to each other

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