2 years and the same Bull!!!!

by Glo

I have been with My trucker for 2 years, everything seem fine at first I mean you have to got to know someone right?

Well months go by then some woman starts calling my phone saying shes his sister and do I know where he is because he took her car and said hes visiting me. RED FLAG...I know he has no Family where I live.

We get past that to find out thats a EX but again months later another Female contacts me thru Face book like really, how are these broads getting my number or know who I am .

It just seems every few months something transpires. I feel that he is just a liar and has a woman in every City as I was told about most truck drivers.

He becomes distant at times, doesnt come home on fridays like he is suppose to, it is always an excuse, I got rerouted, I lost signal, I was in the woods, ( yea someone elses woods)
or the common I will be there in a few hours then his phone goes to Voicemail every friday thru monday morning.

My opinion.....Everyone has to evaluate their own situation but now I know this isnt for me.
oh and last .....
In 2 years we have aquired houses, cars, businesses..he has neglected everything in the last 2 months ...oh and money ...dont know where it is because i dont see it and he is broke every week...its going somewhere.

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Jun 22, 2017
Glad you're woke
by: Hervy

Sorry to hear that you are going through this. Good thing you see it for what it is though. Didnt recall u mentioning kids. İ hope that is the case. Doesnt sound like he is ready for that responsibilty.

Stay strong and dont look back. Some women put up with this for many years and even start a family with this going on.

Having said that....no most trucker s dont have women in every city. Most of us dont even have time if we wanted to do that.

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