Where to Start to Get a Trucking Job

by The Crazy Trucker
(Myrtle Beach SC)

Where to Start Trucking

Where to Start Trucking

This is the place to start if you are interesting in a career in trucking. WWW.Lifeasatrucker.com suggests that you decide how you will get your CDL

You have options. People ask which is the best option to choose that the answer is that it depends on each individuals situation.

Generally speaking a great option is Community College.
Here's more on how to choose which option is best for you.
Options for getting your CDL

Having said that..... First you really want to get an understanding of what youre getting into before you decide to become a truck driver.

Expect to be over the road for a couple of weeks at a time at most companies when starting your trucking career.

Then depending on where you live, you MIGHT find a local trucking job that will get your home each day. These might be local deliveries or route jobs.

You also need to know that many local truck driving jobs pay less that the average trucking jobs and pay might be why you're considering becoming a trucker. So just be aware of that expected pay.
becoming a truck driver

Another thing is be sure trucking will not tear your family apart. Otherwise, it's a bad idea to start trucking.

Trucking is a great career for the right person. I'm hoping the right person is you!

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