When You Stop to Get Fuel Do a Walk Around

by The Crazy Trucker
(North Carolina)

Air Bags shipper

Air Bags shipper

No matter if you're company driver or owner operator, you should be sure to do walk arounds and inspections on your truck and trailer when you stop to get fuel or use the bathroom.

Also when you're waiting to load or unload often they don't care if you get out of the truck. So get out of that truck man.

You need to get out anyway to get some exercise! So pop that hood and check for lines rubbing and leaks.

  • Take a look at your tires

  • Take a look at your air lines

  • Listen for air leaks (good luck finding the source lol)

  • Check your air pressure in tires

  • Drain your air line if you have old truck

Even look under the truck, especially if you've ran over anything in the road.

You might assume that bag you ran over couldn't possibly cause a problem, but you never know!

Just the other day, when i was looking under the truck, I saw the airbags extended wildly. Which was strange enough....

But upon closer observation, the was something even more interesting going on.....

Seems the air bag could have failed at any time!

I went ahead and picked up the load since it was light but when I was at the shipper I took the other picture exact same day.

You can't see the split in the air bag because it's not extended the same way because the ground was more level.

This is one example of why we have to always be checking the truck. Just cause you did the pre-trip doesn't mean inspection is over.

The truck has a different profile and a problem that was existing could now be visible. And of course, a new issue might have developed since last inspection.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying spend ALL of your free time repeatedly going over the truck. I'm just saying have a look around.

I can't find the pictures this moment but few weeks ago I was looking at the tires and I saw a nail hanging out. Well i always check those tires but this time it was parked JUST right to see the nail hanging out.

know this i was able to mark the tire and have it plugged. Instead of it coming out on the road in between stops and me having to possibly buy a tire and be inconvenienced as well.

Be sure to check out this page which might assist with issues you might find. Tools and equipment to take with you.

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