When is it time to switch to owner operator?

by Hervy
(United States)

When Its Time to Switch to o/o

When Its Time to Switch to o/o

Before making the leap to becoming an owner operator, make sure you are comfortable with the numbers. Not comfortable. Just comfortable with the numbers.

What's the difference? Well if you actually do the research required you will get mixed messages about the business. There is money to be made but there is risk involved due to factors you can't control.

One for example, the truck. Depending on your situation a motor or transmission out too early could end your venture prematurely. That's why you need money set aside, line of credit or access to financing.

However, if you have done the research, you understand that. If you do the numbers and you see that it supports your decision to move forward because it is a reasonable risk.

So here is a summarized process to O/O.

1. After doing the adequate research
2. When you are frustrated with the money and opportunity is being left on the table as a company driver
3. You are financially and mentally prepared.

Mentally prepared should be highlighted. I talk about it more in the video.

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