What to do if after delivering loads for owner operator, he does not pay me?

I went Otr for 5 weeks for an owner operator

This last week I refuse to do partial loads
( I'm not being payed for stops) by mile only!

After pleading for a load to bring me home ( Florida)he never comes thru. After a day and 1/2 waiting at truck stop ... I dead head home!

He said that I won't get paid :/
Gotta Sue him right ?

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Apr 29, 2016
Deadhead home
by: SimpleMan

I don't know how long you've been driving, but take what they give you, and he will see that you can take the heat!

Dead heading home, no need for attorneys, consider it an experience. Drop it, and move on. Next time, ask around about the next owner, or buy you're own!

Caution (if you can't turn a wrench), stay with O/O, or Companies.

Good Luck

Apr 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

You stole his truck, for personal use.

Apr 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

You refused a load?
I can tell you right now no other company would allow you to refuse loads either. Most companies don't pay for stops either.

Personally I think he should sue you for burning his fuel And using his truck for personal transportation.

Sue him you are going to find out YOU were in the wrong, and that most likely HE/SHE has a bigger right to sue YOU.
Good luck ahole

Apr 27, 2016
Doesn't look good to me - might be a truckers life lesson
by: Hervy

If you are talking about suing him for dead heading home, that may or may not work for you. You burned up fuel without the truck making money without his approval. That all expense no profit.
I doubt you win in court.

Plus my guess it some interchange occurred prior to this between you and him. If you threatened to do this or yall argued and you said anything that he could use against you, consider that before paying for a lawyer.

I say that because another guess is, he might have done this strategically to provoke you to drive deadhead home so that he could keep what you have 'earned'. I don't know... but you have to consider all of this stuff.

If you are saying he is with holding your last check. Then you may have to sue him, if yall can't just settle on a reasonable solution. But likely you won't get all of the money.

You need to weight what he owes you to he cost of suing in money and time.

Cost of your expense by driving home. Number of miles / miles per gallon X price per gallon will give you approximate cost of fuel used.

Subtract that from your check and he might agree to pay that amount to you.

That would be your check, minus expenses of burning fuel by deadheading home.

However, what do I know. That's my opinion not legal advise. You might need to question a lawyer about all details surrounding the situation.

For other readers considering using truck without authorization read this page about how to quit. Because abandoning a load or using the truck as personal vehicle will hurt you in looking for another job in most cases.

How to quit your job

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