Water Truck Driver in ND oilfields

by Jesse
(Killdeer, ND)

1/29/2012 North Dakota: Recently the DOT came in an enforced regulations over companies who service the oilfield via hauling water and oil. Many owner-operators are leased on through larger companies.

It used to be that we were oilfield exempt and guys could run long hours and do up to 4-6 loads in a 24 hour period, getting a percentage off of each load.

Now, they've enforced the 14 on 10 off rule and owners are having their drivers do 12's, so their trucks run 12hrs but as drivers, we aren't getting near the same pay or opportunity to as you can only usually get in 2 loads in a 12 hour period, assuming everything goes well.

If you're loaded when your shift comes to an end, you only get 1/2 of your cut for that load. It's total bull and lots of drivers are walking. Leaving for places like Utah and New Mexico where new booms are starting.

So all the money you think you can make here in ND has come to a swift hold. People who were making 650/day are now lucky to clear 200, plus paying rent and living in tight quarters. Boom's coming to an end, at least for the ground worker's profits.

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