Trucker's husbands

by Darlyn

I see you have a "Women in Trucking" and a "Trucker's Wives" forum, but I don't see any place for "Trucker's Husbands". If you are going to have women truckers, you are going to have trucker's husbands as well. Just a thought.

Response: Well Darlyn I guess you have a point. Who knows maybe there are a few men who wants to vent. I am going to get to working on that. Thanks for the suggestion.


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Aug 08, 2014
Wives that are truck drivers NEW
by: Gail

I agree! There should be a forum with men who can share the experiences of their wives as truck drivers. I am confident there would be less complaining from the men.

My husband is a truck driver and I support him 100% and never complain. It is a career that he is happy with and I am happy that he is happy.

However, I have tried to join groups with other wives; but all the do is complain about their husbands out on the road. It makes me want to run to the doctor to get antidepressant meds (lol).

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