Tragedy occured

by Cork

I'm closely connected to a trucking company that was involved in a tragic and fatal accident today. A drivers brief negligence took the life of a person and caused serious harm to 4 other people, including an infant.

First, pray for the family that lost their loved one today, pray for their recovery and help them to find peace. Second, pray for the driver of the truck. He will wake up every day living with the fact that he took someone's life and harmed 4 others.

He took his eyes off the road for a split second and crossed the yellow line. It truly was an accident but still something he will carry with him forever. And last, please pray for the trucking company.

While it is their responsibility to pay for damages beyond what the insurance will pay they don't have very deep pockets. It's a small family owned local company with only a few old trucks. A major lawsuit will more than likely result in bankruptcy... this could put 10 people out of a job (4 of which are single income families) and 44 years of a family legacy, blood, sweat, and tears could be lost forever.

Pray for everyone involved. Pray for guidance. Pray for peace and clarity. Just... pray.... please

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Jun 18, 2016
Wish that was my husband NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel sorry for the family that lost their lives, but me and my friends say to me why does tragedy happen to the wrong people, it is always the good ones that die and my husband is very nasty to my friends and they have said oh why don't you play in traffic and they have told me that if they ever get wind that he died, they will rejoice!

Jun 16, 2016
Sounds like your attorney... NEW
by: Anonymous on top of things. You might want to take your original posting down.

I can guarantee you this: Even though you did NOT name your company, your (companie's) attorney would immediately request that your prior information be removed.

As it turns out, regardless of your request for prayer (which is a separate issue entirely and is valuable) your information is incorrect and defamatory.

Asking for prayer is one thing.

Posting up information that is incorrect and telling of the severity of a case that might close the doors on a small company due to bankruptcy and placing fault on your driver is classified information.

No, I don't run this site. Yes, I've done my time in a courtroom in many cases exactly like this with a trucking company far larger than yours.

As far as looking to the Good Lord above to help this man and those who were lost, I applaud you and I pray also.

This is not my site and I am most certainly not Herv, but my advice to you would be to have Herv remove that post as it is incriminating and incorrect, and just simply revise it to ask for prayers, no meticulous details necessary.

God bless


Jun 16, 2016
Update: NEW
by: Cork

We have since learned that the driver did not take his eyes off the road. This happened following a small storm. The roads were wet and the sun was shining which as we all know brings oil to the top of the road. As he was going into a curve the truck hydroplaned and he crossed the center line, hitting the car head on. There was nothing he could do. We have also learned that the surviving victims injuries are non-life threatening. I'm sure there is a long road of recovery ahead. Please continue to pray.

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