think about what you are doing

by jonathan
(verona, va)

slow down in truck stop parking lots. they are not the indianapolis 500. You never know when a driver may come walking out from between two trailers or someone starts leaving thier parking space or may be trying to back into one just around the corner or someone's pet has gotten away from them or maybe a child running around from a nearby RV

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Dec 12, 2017
Response for think about what you're doing
by: Anonymous

Amen, patience is everything in this industry and it just boggles the mind everytime I see one of these yahoos hot rodding thru the parkimg lot, seen a few accidents as a result of that too.

I understand the race against the clock but how much time are you really saving? A few seconds? When you hit something or someone you'll be wastimg alot more time, trust me. Slow down.

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