The website is great.

by John
(Grottoes,VA ,USA)

I cant believe someone has set up a site as well put together as this. I am a 23 year old factory worker who was laid off and having trouble finding work in my area.

My father is a truck driver and Its something I have been thinking about trying. I watch health issues and everyday road hazards and say the business does scare me.

But, its great to find a place like this for a little more insight.

Keep up the good work! This website is very helpful.

Thanks for checking us out and letting us know what you think John. We have the best visitors, retired drivers, truckers and wives on the internet.

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May 24, 2012
lifestyle NEW
by: Anonymous

Every job has hazards, however if you respect the conditions of the job and road you can negate a good portion of them. Trucking is a very rewarding career, I love trucking just as much as I did when I first started 11 years ago. I couldn't think of myself doing anything else. I guess I got white line Health issues are a big concern for truckers. I ran into one myself six months ago cause of my poor eating habits, stress and long hours, longer than allowed. I had a heart attack at age 36 and it scared me. I had to wait two months before I could get recertified by dot physical. I was scared I couldn't come back, but thank god not much damage had been done due to the fast work of entailed and docs. But I have changed my eating style and changed jobs to a company that has elogs so I had something to tell me when to quit for the day. I really love this and need someone to tell me enough time for now the major truckstops are offering healthy or I should say healthier choices on thief menus. And I carry a electric cooler and a 12 volt oven you can find in the truck stops and I prepare my own dinners at home freeze them, then take them with me for the week. It's been working well. I know how the food is prepared and what's in it. So there are choices you can make to have a healthy life style our here.

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