The tumbling bear

by Lost Nomad

It was a calm night in Kentucky and driving nights is what I enjoyed still do. The moon was almost full clouds were visible and i was listening to some old country. Now I don't like to team drive and never did but as I was driving for the owner of the truck I had to take his nephew along. Some 23 year old know it all. You know the type.

We were exchanging a few words, his questions didn't make much sense i.e. what happens if i died in the sleeper?? These were his type of questions.. in response I had said just hope you don't and pray for your safety and the others around you.

As he sat quietly he said he's going to bed i said alright I'll wake you in Nashville. (Now I didn't realize this line of questioning had an upcoming point.)

Ok so nice night going 65 down from Louisville to Nashville. I saw some upcoming headlights then a dozen of them, nothing unusual they weren't speeding just a bunch out for a night drive south. A couple of mins later they're caught up i looked down and there was a white bronco kind of like the one Simpson thing I laughed a little for a sec as i thought wouldn't it be funny if those were all cops.

As the truck slowly creeped past i realized it wouldn't be funny, as the other dozen of headlights were flashing and were all cops chasing a slow moving getaway bronco.

My first thought was to slowly move onto the shoulder which I did and moving about 25 now watched as near 15 cop cars following a bronco down the interstate, still slowing to a stop there was one little bear that decided he was bored and floored it spun around me to the front and started to roll driver over the passenger side. i came to a stop intent on helping him.

As I ran towards the car his tank caught fire.
I thought dammit if i die trying to save him I'm gonna kick his butt in the afterlife...
He wasn't that far it would only take 45 seconds to reach him but his idea wasn't to wait didn't blame him.

Shots fired as he was putting holes in the windows of his car, but the bullets were flying towards me. As I heard a bullet wiz by i dropped for a second and crawled a bit towards the car there were others coming from behind him, i stopped in front of him that's why I approached from the front, they also dropped from the firing of the gun.

As i lifted my gaze and saw him clamoring out of his car i did a quick study and realized he was fine unhurt because he was running away. So i quickly ran
towards my truck to get it away from the area as the flames on the tank grew it was only a matter of time before a small explosion would happen.

I kicked the in the clutch jammed it into gear and started rolling away, i yelled for my co-driver,..... He did not respond, again thinking he was tired yelled again to get him up at this time thinking of the bullets that were headed in my direction.

Now I didn't like the little chump much but I never wished for anyones demise, i quickly pulled over pulled back the curtain before i could turn on the light i saw light coming through the wall of the sleeper, moonlight 7-8 holes from bullets.

To myself i thought, well, damn, hes dead. I got up to turn on the light i saw blood. I went in to feel for a pulse and looking to see where he was hit.

I saw a gash on the side of his head and turned it to see it was a scrape i also noticed a 20 lb dumbbell next to his pillow... i thought was he lifting weights in bed?

I was relieved, i felt a pulse, i looked him over to see if he had any bullet wounds, he was a lucky kid. I was relieved, as it was also my fault for stopping in front of the car.

When he came to about 2 minutes later he said he dropped the weight on his face as soon as he laid down to lift the weights. (Stupid i thought) i pointed out the bullet holes and i asked him, do you remember those questions you asked and what I said about praying?

He said he did pray as he lifted the weight. And he was so shocked about what just happened. I told him as i got the first aid kit out to bandage him, always pray kid, and he looked at me and said, i dont think i can be a truck driver its to stressful.

I know the story isn't well written or thought out, but it is based on what really happened, might not be all that exciting but it's different being there than hearing it.

I don't think I ever told that story as i don't really hang out at truck stops. So that's the story of the tumbling bear and how I thought I helped but was only a minor character in a set of events that changed two ppl lives.

As for the cop i don't know what ever happened to him, Or the other two who were on their way to help the cop.

Just maybe the cop will read this or those other two who were in cars running to help will read this and know that's the view from my side of the story.

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