The Business Side of Trucking

by Jason Allen
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Truckers are business people. Whether you are a Company Driver, an Owner Operator or a Carrier with Motor Authority .... you are more than just a truck driver .... you are a business professional! Especially when you purchase your truck and establish yourself as an Owner Operator, you are a business person. When you obtain your Motor Carrier Authority, you are a business person. The people and companies that you establish relationships with are your customers, whether they are paying customers or not. They contribute to your business success.

(more on this in a later post).

I want each of you to learn more about the National Minority Trucking Association (NMTA) BILLION DOLLAR MINORITY TRANSPORTATION CONSORTIUM. As a business person, you can participate in this freight opportunity to transport DEDICATED FREIGHT for major Fortune 500 Corporations and Government Contracts. You MUST see this as a BUSSINESS OPPORTUNITY .... not just another chance to "move a load" at so many "cents per mile"!

The National Minority Trucking Association wants to help you to Build And Maintain A Successful Trucking Company ... A profitable trucking business that you can grow and then leave as a legacy for your family!

Please feel free to give me a call, 404-334-3267, and let's talk about The Business Side of Trucking!

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