Tamarra A.K.A. TJ

by TJ
(Dallas, Texas)

As much as I know myself, I can't really write about myself. I guess I'll start by saying I never thought I'd be married to a truck driver. I respect the job, but I just imagined my husband would actually be married to me and not tarmac!

As it turns out my husband has wanted to drive a truck since he was a boy. He was fascinated by the "big cars." He loves to travel, and he has that chance now. I just hope it does not wear him - or me - down (frown).

I was born in Illinois (yes a Yankee by birth) but have spent the majority of my years in Texas. I love the weather here, and the cost of living is reasonable. Lately we've talked of moving to Florida but we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I am the oldest of two girls raised in a single-parent home. That said I managed to graduate from Southern Methodist University in 1999 and have held down the same job since graduating. You can see I prefer stability and security.

Jo and I met when he was sent to clean my carpets back in 2006. He worked for Kiwi Services at the time. It worked out as God planned because he did not stay with that job much longer. Plus the fact that he was planning to return to London shortly before we met proves we were meant to be!!

Just over 3 years later we married in a small, intimate ceremony. The day was perfect! As for what the future holds, we have some plans - nothing major. We'll get a house at some point, have a child, the usual stuff.

Right now we are enjoying each other and a life free of real responsibility!

I am here because I have led such a sheltered life in the past. However being married to an OTR driver, you learn that you have to branch out or you will go insane. I hope to make some long-time friends here. If I'm lucky, I'll get to meet them some day.

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Nov 30, 2015
Feeling good NEW
by: Anthony

I hope you fell off a cliff

May 10, 2014
new trucker wife NEW
by: kathy

My husband has only been trucker driver since March 16. This all new to us . I am havee hard time dealing with being wife of trucker driver. My husband been home for week after his training . Will be going back on the road monday. I been crying. I want to enjoy the time had him this but all i could think about is that leaving again. I would like to support group close to where i live. I love love to chat with ya'' but not sure how to go about it. Also we have 11 year old boy who having problem too. Please can yall help.

Aug 22, 2013
trucker wife NEW
by: Anonymous

God will also be with you. I am also a trucker wife and believe me when I tell you it is hard for me. I work a full time job in transportation also, raising 4 small kids all under 11 years old and the last born is not a even a year yet with no stable babysitter and also help runs my husband trucking business.

Mar 09, 2011
How to join
by: Anonymous

Hey, I need help here...I am new to this and try to join in chat room but they ask for my logon which i dont have it....where do i go to sign up or soemthing...i did the forum and somehow it didnt accept sigh....

Apr 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well Tamarra I am from Texas as well butnow livingin Minnesota( i know I am crazy) My Trucker and I have only ben together 6 months but it has been the best 6 months of my life. It is super hard with him gone I really do not know what to do with myself.

Jan 13, 2010
Hey Girlfriend
by: Jennifer S


So glad you found your way here. Now you can point your handsome husband this way too ;)

Glad you made it to check out our home site. That is why I want to hold the chats here- so that we all become familiar with our "roots"

Definitely stop in for a chat girl would love to have you- if you can handle us that is ;)

We are just lonely Drivers wives- wild and crazy- but totally harmless

Hugs Girl


Jan 13, 2010
Truckers Wife of 21 yrs
by: Anonymous

You should join us in the chatroom in the evenings. A bunch of us truckers wives met on Facebook and now we chat in teh eves. Come on over to FB and look for Laat, and you will be welcomed with lots of love and understanding.


Jan 13, 2010
by: Marni

So glad you found your way over here. This is an amazing place with some very amazing information. These wonderful people know what they are talking about and if they don't they will find it out for you.

My hubby and I love to just get on the site and surf around

You have a great story......and y'all sound like a wonderful couple. Look forward to getting to know you better....


Jan 12, 2010
Welcome to The Trucker Lifestyle Tamarra
by: Tamarra

I am glad you found us here at lifeasatrucker.com because the ladies are wise and welcoming.

The truckers wives hear completely understand what you will be facing and so can easily provide some support and even guidance at times that may help you in your journey.

Lol, your second journey.

Seems you already made one from your childhood to college and now here. Congratulations by the way on sticking with school to completion. That's always great to see happen.

I think you and Jo will be just fine so sit back relax, and enjoy the ride.

BUT, also planned for what you want your future to be. If both of you want Jo to drive forever than so be it.

If one day what you want is for him to transition out of the truck full time. You guys should start planning now how to make that happen.

Oh, and Florida..... high cost of living but real estate is at a good price in many places there now because it was inflated so high during the bubble.

Texas is a very good place to be all the way around(suffering less than most of the country right ) so make sure you think through all your wanting out of where you live and do a pro's and con's comparison.

Good luck,
see ya around

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