stay to yourself and be true/respect

by doug crider
(damascus ar)

dont talk too much.
dont give free information about yourself.

If your boss ask questions be brief and short. answer questions with out being a smartass.
Dont be lazy minded.
Always remember who is number one always remember who is in the driver seat.

Always live by this motto you might own the truck but im driving it and if you dont like my view then you quit hiring drivers and drive it yourself.

remember you are always the boss be positive.
dont be a c.b. rambo
if you cant say it to someones face dont say it. remember run legal dont get caught run double books dont fudge.

stay away from owner operators they will use and abuse you find a big company jb. hunt/ Schneider/swift and stick with them through thick and thin you will make money in the long run, they are always gonna be there.

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Dec 19, 2011
Stay True to Yourself

This poster's comments can be used in all situations of life, not just trucking. Of course, staying true to yourself is always the right thing to do, and being respectful when in a professional environment, will always be looked upon as a positive.

I especially agree about keeping your words to a minimum and to always think, before you speak, making sure that your meaning is clear.

Good luck out there on the road!

Dec 04, 2011
Who are These Clowns?
by: Young Wheel

Yo Wat up Trucker? Man bro I don't even know your name but I been watching your Videos. They have been very helpful and Motivational 2me!

I'm going to be a rookie trucker, if everything goes according to plan, on Feb 1, 2012. I'm on probation at this time so its hard for me to get someone to hire me, but I'm a work horse and I'm hopeful that someone will hire me soon.

You a cool dude hopefully I will see you on the road one day.

Keep these videos flowin just like you do bro!

Be safe!!!!

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