South East Michigan or Florida Driver seeking a Job!

by Kevin
(South East Michigan and or Florida)

I'm a former Owner Operator! The company I worked for broke their contract with me! I was working relatively steady,(Company Driver) up to about a year and a half ago!

I got a Partner and we tried to go it alone! During the last year and a half or so, I've been offered 5 different contracts with different companies over that time period!One problem repeated itself!

No Equipment to service the offered contracts!In this current economy, we have been unsuccessful getting any financing for the equipment, despite the deals!!!

Only 1 Contract offered equipment, thru a "Partner Company"! That would have been great!! But I'm Not a Diesel Mechanic!! The Dealer (Owned by another Carrier, by the way!)did not fix any of the broken equipment without attempting to force you to buy a "Full Service Lease Purchase" Deal.(Cost Prohibitive of course!)

Then, they said;they would fix the equipment!But you had to buy aka. Lease Purchase the broken equipment first!!! Needless to say, I did not buy the equipment,an have basically had to pass on the deal.Can't spend all your time in the shop!Won't make any money!

I have about 2 and a half years experience in the last 5. Excluding the last year and a half or so, since my Partner and I have been trying to launch our own carrier!So besides test driving
equipment with Dealers. I haven't driven much full time OTR.

I'm a Cold War Veteran with Tanker experience!I have been hauling Reefer,& Dry Van mostly.I have some experience with Flat Bed from a local sod farmer in Florida, where I use to live full time. I'm currently in SE Michigan.

Had to come up for a terminal family member!

I'm really looking for a Contract with a Carrier, that offers equipment(Thru a Partner is fine, as long as it's descent equipment(that won't end up in the shop, as I drive it out the parking lot after buying or Lease Purchasing it!) and requires 2 years experience in the last 5 years! Doesn't get all mealy mouthed about it being recent experience! Isn't concerned about the last year an a half or so!

Insurance Companies only want 2 years experience. They really don't care, as long it's in the last 5 years. They have told me this!So all these carriers that "claim" they need "recent Experience" is BS. That being said, that's what I'm looking for!!!

A Carrier looking for someone with 2 years experience in the last 5 years! Doesn't care about the last year and a half or so! Prefer Equipment offered in the Lease Purchase Deal! With a Partner Dealer is fine! Or if equipment comes with the package! Simple!

Thank you! :)

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Dec 06, 2016
Had to school a recruiter about Truth in Advertising
by: Kevin

I have an update for everyone! I had to "school" professionally a Recruiter on The Truth in Advertising Laws that still exist in this Country! They sent me an advertisement for Contractors!

Stated required 2 years in the last 5, same as the Insurance Companies have told me! Well, when she saw I was attempting to start my own Carrier for the last year and a half or so, without any luck w/equipment!

Oh right away it became "recent" (I personally think a year and a half is recent, but whatever!)"experience"! So again, another Carrier "wasted" my time! But when she said that in an email. I said, she had better be careful. Because being a former Ad Executive (Prior to the Great Depression II.

We've all been struggling thru, for the last 8 to 10 years, depending on your region of the country!)Truth in Advertising is alive and well.

Despite what some might want you to think! If they say it in advertising or solicitations for Contractors or Drivers, as a qualification or requirement, they have to stick with it!!! If they change or claim something else entirely it's considered "Bait and Switch"!

If they tell you otherwise, they are lying! They bring you in under "False Pretenses" and then tell you something entirely different! As these people did to me! Ask a Corporate Lawyer or one who's familiar with Advertising Law, they'll tell you! :) Just thought I'd pass along some information to ya'll. Thank you! :)

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