ShanMariee and Jarrod Tie the Knot 11-11- 11

by ShanMariee

11/11/11 - Us in front of our 66 Dodge Coronet

11/11/11 - Us in front of our 66 Dodge Coronet

Hi everyone. I just married my trucker 11/11/11! So happy and excited. We have so much happening right now. We're moving into a bigger home on acres in the mountains, have a baby due in May and just loving life!

We first met back in March 2009 and neither one of us were looking for anything serious. I was divorced with three kids and he was in the middle of a divorce with 5 kids. We met off of yahoo personals (he found my profile) and we talked that first night for 6 solid hours and met 2 days later once he was back in town and the rest is history.

It is a little challenging at times because even though I love kids, I never saw myself being a mom or step mom to oodles of kids. Now between the two of us there's 8 (even though his oldest, a teenage daughter can't stand me) but the rest all get along wonderfully. Well for the most part. There are days that they don't but that's kids. LOL

My kids are with me full time except every other weekend and some holidays. His kids only see him of course when he's in town and that always changes.

Luckily his ex wife allows them to visit whenever that is and doesn't stick to the parenting plan as much. I think truthfully that is the ONLY thing I can really give her credit for. Other then that, she tries to wedge in places that she no longer belongs, tries to create drama, etc...

Another confession, I honestly never thought I'd marry a truck driver. Why? Because when I was a kid, my parents, siblings and I would drive to Baker, Oregon once or twice a year to visit my grandparents on my dad's side and it seemed that the truckers just loved to be road bullies.

They even tried on more then one occasion to run us off the road, and once a driver even followed us and would stop when we stopped and that was scary. So my view of truckers were that they were just creepers.

Well obviously that changed as I am now happily married to a trucker who is NOT a creeper or a slob. He actually HATES getting dirty and keeps his truck fairly clean. I was guilty of having a stereo type view on truckers for the longest time. But not anymore. Of course there's always the few bad in the group but now I see more good then bad :-)

The only time things seem to get hard between us in our relationship, is when he's stressing about finances.

He owns his auto transportation trucking company so when his truck needs fixed, that's on us. No one else. Fuel, all the other costs of maintaining a business, all on us.

Therefore when times seem to be really hard he is guilty of taking it out on me but that's because he's under a lot of pressure and he's working his tail off. I try to be very patient during these times and remind him that I am there for him no matter what.

It may take him a day or two or even a week sometimes to re-realize this but he eventually comes back around and apologizes for not being the best partner and we just keep going.

We love each other so much and really appreciate what we have which is why we can get through what we have and will continue to.

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Apr 23, 2012
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by: Stephanie

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