Regarding anti-social behavior change

by Tony Cantero

Great website to give info to prospective truckers and newbie truckers. Advice you amend "anti-social behavior" page to mention the adverse effects of sleep deprivation and excess intake of caffeine; both of which can also result in road rage incidents.

I recall reading in the news a road rage incident involving a trucker and a 4-wheeler. After an exchange of not-so-polite gestures, they pulled over to settle their difference. The trucker forgot to set his parking brakes, and as he walked up to the motorist, the other guy warned "hey, your truck is rolling." According to the news report, the trucker tried to stop his semi by pushing in the front instead of running back to the cab to set the brakes.

The truck rolled right over him, and he was crushed to death.

From personal experience, I went through a
Dr.Jekyl-Mr.Hyde persona change after driving all night with not enough sleep, coupled with too much caffeine in my system.

Both will result in chemical imbalance in your brain, resulting in behavior that could be argued as temporary insanity in a vehicular manslaughter criminal case (against a trucker).

I've quit trucking and currently majoring in Logistics & supply chain management, my chosen pre-law studies. When I earn my bachelors degree, I'll enter law school.

When I pass the Bar exam, I'll specialize in litigation involving semi truck accidents.
Tony Cantero
a.k.a. "Passingtrucker"

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