Redneck Cowboy(aka Crazy Cowboy) Oilfield driving!

I drove over the road for more than 15yrs and enjoyed it,then got married and went local as a low paying junk yard dawg and after a year of having no money,I started asking around about this oilfield that I'd heard a little about and got introduced to one of the driver supervisors that incidentally did that company's training(nabors).

I was off and runnin and making as much money as I was drivin OTR with 2 days off a week on a rotating shift and just loved the work! It's just like any other job,I spose...wake up early,go to work and work 10 to 12 hr shifts and go sleep in ur own bed next to your "own" wife!

Now working in the oilfield consists of driving to location,gauge the salt water tank(such as the ones you see driving down a road or highway,usually in the country,and you see the two to six tanks out of the way with a firewall all the way around it)and determine,whether or not you have a load.

Call it in to dispatch and pull the load with a pump and hose connected to whats called a load line connected to the s/w tank or oil tank that your pulling from.Disconnect when full and haul it to a designated s/w disposal unit,designated by your dispatcher.

You'll haul fresh water,s/w,oil and water based drilling mud and maybe a few chemicals.

There is a lot of driving,BUT you do not spend your Entire time just trying to get from a to b. Most of the time and depending on the company it may have NO LOGS!

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