Reasons Why You Quit Your Trucking Job

by Steve A. Mangram Sr.
(Dallas, Texas)

Tell us why you have quit past jobs. Did you quit because of not feeling appreciated? Or because of Dispatch? Or perhaps because of Equipment?

What are your reasons for leaving?

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Feb 11, 2018
Why I quit trucking
by: HErvy

Dec 03, 2016
I stayed so long...
by: Anonymous

... that I would experience buyout after buyout. My whole trucking career has been with one trucking company that has just changed names four times.

I like what I drive.

I've dispatched before, so dealing with dispatchers is never an issue.

I guess I don't fit the criteria here.

One thing I have going for me that a lot of guys don't is that I actually like trucks. Real trucks. I've been driving Peterbilts my whole life.

No Volvos, Cascadias, Centuries, Prostars, only Classic extended hoods. That, to me, makes all the difference in the world. A real truck with a real motor and lots of chrome and polished aluminum.

I couldn't work for a company with plastic trucks and automatic transmissions. I have yet to deal with an ELD, and I may never have to.

I don't run a DPF of DEF...

As long as it stays "old school" and I still get my paycheck every week, I'll be alright.

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