Rancho Cordova experienced driver

by Rich Pearson
(Rancho Cordova, Ca.)

I obtained my Class A in 1991. I stayed with local companies for around three years. In Feb of 1994 I started to drive for an owner/op in the air freight field up to around 1999. This was cross country long haul and a great experience.

I worked for a few different O/O with the same air freight company and really enjoyed it However, we ran team back then and I do not want to do that again. I would prefer to be solo as I take pride in my work and try to keep a positive reputation.

After 2000 I ran a lot of local routes with three axle/ 53' trailers as well as dispatched and worked as a driver supervisor.

I would love to work with an honest O/O and prove that I am a very loyal employee and would like to find a home.

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