by Gail
(Washougal, WA)

I am a wife of a great guy that recently just returned to trucking after doing something else for about 4 years. I went with him OTR the first week he was back trucking, and am getting ready to join him again next week for a couple of weeks.

His last job paid way more than we will ever make in this business, but it was in another city and we had to maintain 2 households and all the expenses that go with them.

On top of that I got really sick last year and he couldn't quit to be here for me because of the insurance we needed for me was tied to that job.

Yeah, he's still gone a lot, but I now have the option of going with him whenever my schedule works out...and we are not maintaining 2 houses...just the one. New insurance coverage, and I'm considerably better.

The kids are grown and married and we have 2 "four-legged kids" that go with us on the truck or stay with me when I'm home.

Hope to see some of you around

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