quitting, but they refuse to route you to a terminal

My buddy is quitting his company and they refuse to route him to the terminal to turn his truck in.

What are his options?

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Jan 24, 2017
Things to consider when quitting
by: Hervy

How to Quit

May 31, 2012
Getting jerked around. NEW
by: Jimmy

If a month passes, fuel your truck, hopefully enough fuel to get to nearest terminal and bail. I would try to arrange your last paycheck getting into your pocket first, since they will withhold your final check. That's unless you want to continue to drive around the country at their mercy. Jimmy

May 30, 2012
Well....here is my advice and what I had to do
by: NickV

Sorry to say but they pretty much got your buddy by the go-nads. Your damned if you do and your damned if you dont.

If he leaves his truck somewhere and skates home its abandonment. That goes on your d.a.c. and will be a pretty bad bruise that will be looked at for future employment.

If you wait for them to route you home...well that can be as long as they want to keep being an ass to them.

He/She needs to have a serious heart to heart with the dispatcher and NOT over the phone if possible. One good thing and probably the ONLY good thing about the qualcomm is its documented.

If dispatch doesn't work then go up the ladder til you get what you want. These trucking companies are cut throat and could care less about a person wanting to go home.

He/She may get the good idea to start delivering loads late to "piss off" the company but that wont work either. The amount of thoughts that go through a drivers mind in a time like this are countless.

Mile after mile the plans start to build and crumble one after another. This is a horrible time in a drivers employment cause quite honestly its a double edged sword. Best advice as hard as it can be is to try as hard as possible to talk with dispatch and if they don't give him/her the answer they want then move to the next in rank.

Try and get your answers on qualcomm if possible. If they agree to do something and don't then you can take that to a higher up and you have proof and then you have more leverage to act out where an abandonment cant be placed on your d.a.c.

I was yanked around for a month trying to quit a company, because the truck had to be returned to a "hiring terminal." I live in Texas, they kept screwing with me and had me going to a terminal in California to relay a load and pick up my new student since I was training.

Student came out, told him sorry but I was quitting, cleaned out my truck, FedEx'd my stuff home and got a plane ticket. Sometimes you have to take extreme measures like that so they should be ready.

Quitting can be a living hell and I feel for him

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