by Big Deer

Driver's take PRIDE in what we do, and demand RESPECT!!!! It's sad to say respect stops when orientation is finished and you get the keys. I'm 27 years into trucking,no I haven't seen it all but most of it.

Good and bad companies all have the same goals profit. So we ask why some treat us like Kings and most like Peasants. Most drivers know the top brass and their management team has a enormous job running these mega companies, but they shouldn't forget about us.

You know(the face of your company)company driver or independent. Managers put your dispatchers in a truck for a day, hell make it a week, and let it be a blind test. Even better, send them off to another company to get a good look at what it takes to be a driver,run him all hours of the night just to get in line at the customer and wait.

Now you check in with the clerk and say good morning,and they reply what time's your appointment.Now you need to use the restroom and the sign say NO DRIVERS 5 hrs later you and the dispatcher are back on the road to make your next stop.

Maybe we are robots.

Companies large and small have about the same operating cost for transportation,so we all should be treated and paid close to the same. Not 26 cpm to 60 cpm or 12.00 per hr to 38.00 per hr. the gap is greater than the low end drivers make.

So management how you treat us shows(we are the face of your company)your customer see how you treat us and they do the same.If you yell at your wife and daughter others will too!! Wow how can that be ok she's with a jerk.

Look at Brown,Wally-World and Costco drivers just to name a few.See how they'er treated,most of us go to the same places,cause it starts at home. With their managers treating them likes kings not peasants(don't yell at your daughter and she won't marry a jerk). Then your customers do the same,and wow a clean restroom not some out house that's service once a month.

It starts from the top down and every driver should respected and treated well and your company pride will shine.Costco and Lowe's thanks for how you treat us. Delivering to your DC is why I only go to your stores.

There are lots of places that are good to drivers. Our biggest problem is the one we work for. PRIDE & RESPECT !!!!!!

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Jul 01, 2013
A message worth spreading
by: Hervy

Well said Big Deer.

I think it is a message worth spreading.

What is ironic about what you have stated is that the company would actually benefit from treating their drivers better in ways which will positively affect their bottom line.

With more people like you and other positive minded drivers and supporters out there, speaking your mind they will soon come to that awareness.

Funny how those companies that you pointed out who treated their drivers well have less problems keeping seats filled and get better performance out of their drivers because they don't want to end up having to leave that company.

It's just so simple.

Thanks for sharing. I am sending it to Facebook!

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