Pilot/Flying J Willard, Ut exit 357

by Dave M.
(Willard, Utah)

I work at this Pilot/Flying j, in maintenance and I must say that we have a great team... One thing I do very well is making sure the truck drivers come first.

We use hi-consecrate tabs for the window washer and long scrubbing/squeegee wands, we replace the units all the time so that they work properly. I also keep my showers in tip top shape and I really wish that I received more tips.

I work my back side off with little pay but I love the job and people I work with. (My tips average per week is around $6.00 if I am lucky) and that's cleaning around 20 to 30 showers a day! We also have a nice rest/tv area that is cleaned all the time... If I was a driver, I would go to the Pilot/Flying J's.

Hope you all reading this come to visit us... Thank you, sincerely., Dave.

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