No Regrets Driver Seeking Job from Missouri

by Jason Smith
(Eldon, MO)

I have not drove commercially since 2002, I truly enjoyed driving. But life happens and I had to come home to raise my children.

Now they are grown and I have all this time on my hands. I was self-employed 80% of time in past twelve years. I work well on my own without instruction. No felonies, no DUI/DWI'S. I have had one recent moving violation, 11 mph over while on motorcycle in summer of 2014.

I averaged 3800 miles per week, but that was right before rules of service changed. Never had a single log violation. I have common sense. I have always had a way with machines, whether operating or repairing them.

I treat equipment with respect and can tell when slightest thing is different or wrong, therefore I will investigate issue instead of pushing on. I have excelled at everything I have worked in.

Understand starting level and having to work way up. If there is a place that will give me the opportunity, I can guarantee that you will not regret hiring. Been told many times that I am 1 in a million employee, when I have worked for someone.

Give me a call at 1 573 415 7843 and ask for Jason. Thank you. Or email is I do have class A CDL, without hazmat endorsement currently.

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