NJ Flatbed driver seeking a job

by Bob "Demon" Johnson
(Neptune City, NJ)

FIFTEEN YEAR VETERAN looking for local/semi regional work in NJ. Prefer flatbed and lowboys, but have experience with dump trailers, and boring vans LOL! Minimum rate of WEEKLY pay is $850-1000 after taxes or off the books.

Stopped driving in 2007 after selling rig to work for local public works dept. and started missing what I do best, driving the big rigs.

Realized quickly that getting back into trucking was A LOT harder than it should be. finally in 2011 got hired by an owner operator who turned out to be somewhat non DOT compliant and a bit shady to boot.

So now I am seeking someone honest and willing to get me back behind the wheel. Can provide my own medical card if needed.

Cell: 732-347-0018 anytime

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