Nice website

by Duane Pruuel
(Los Angeles)

Nice site and edits! I was web programmer and have done quite a few video edits myself and I am trading all that in for a life on the road. Just cant sit behind a desk anymore. Need freedom! I also found this site very use full and full of info! Thanks for taking the time to put it up!


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Oct 10, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 24, 2015
Rating NEW
by: Fleta Coburn

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Jun 23, 2008
Good trucking website
by: Aaron

This website is really good and very good information cheers for putting it up and your doing a great job ..

Jun 03, 2008
thanks for the flowers about the life as a trucker website
by: the crazy trucker

Hey man, I really appreciate you taking the time to post that message about how you feel about the website. I definitely plan on doing a page called
Who Are Truckers. This page will be to show how diverse the background of truckers are man.

A programmer is a long way from trucking. (In the mind of the general public)

So there you go, that is what this site is all about. So much that people don't know. Thanx again for the comments please come back and give us your story more in detail of why you left the desk and hit the road! That page is coming real soon.

Good luck on your new venture out here with us. If I can help you with any info out here that you haven't acquired yet let me know.

By the way what company did you end up going with if you don't mind telling us.

(boy i am long winded huh?)


I am out, I am working on an intro video right now for the site, don't think i will finish tonite cause I am too tired to be focused.

ok I am out 1 for real this time

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