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Dear Crazy Trucker,

I really enjoy your website, the information has been very helpful and entertaining, you have your own style and individualism. I would like to ask you why in one of your videos on Youtube that you said "marijuana was a gateway drug".

This is the same propaganda that the mainstream media uses to keep a substance that has been around for thousands of years and was put here along with every other living thing. The studies are conclusive about the medical effects on cancer, glaucoma, AIDS etc. the list is too long for this email.

I am not endorsing the use of any drug especially if your a Trucker but I don't feel that we should let the media, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and the US Government tell sick people that they cannot grow or purchase their medicine.

Statistically more than 91% of adults said they used alcohol first not marijuana. With statistics like that do you think the alcohol industry would want anyone to think another product that could be grown in your backyard was better for you and virtually non addictive.

I really wish you would take the time to investigate this subject so you can make an honest decision based on facts instead of the biased opinion the main stream media put forward about this subject.

I hope you do not take my comment as anything more than just an opinion based on the facts I have researched, nothing personal. Look forward to more videos and blog post. Have a great day Crazy Trucker!

P.S. What do you think or have heard about WSE Transport.


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Nov 16, 2012
Dull your senses NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a fella tell my once that if you do anything that dulls any of your senses, the you are messing up your life. You cant enjoy it like God intended you too. When I was young, I thought drinking and doing drugs was the way to live and feel good. But the next day after, I always felt bad. I am 53 now and I feel better than I ever did then, because I dont do anything to dull my senses.

Oct 25, 2011
Open Your Eyes it again
by: hervy

Hello KEO,

Thanks for watching man, and no offense taken.
Don't really know about WSE.

lol,I didn't even plan to point out weed when I started the video because I knew people who come back exactly with what you're saying. I figured it would be a lot more people though.

Watch the video again man. Listen. Read. Think.
Weed IS a gateway drug. That does not mean ALL smokers WILL move on it just means that it is what happens for some (many in fact) people. It depends on your character traits, genes, discipline, mindset, environment, etc.

Weed also DOES indeed, DEFINITELY cause problems. Read the page on this site from people who pissed dirty and lost their jobs, which means they can't feed fam. You don't think that is a problem?

Like I said, I am not concerned with whether it is natural or should be legal. I am concerned with the problems it causes too many people. Period. I don't think smokers are good or bad people. They are just people.

But when adults pretend these realities (the potential problems) are not a part of being a smoker, it's sad and untrue. When they don't understand that they are even more vulnerable to the pain and suffering it can cause.

I don't get my way of thinking from a single source. I look at the big picture and the information available and apply common sense to determine a logical conclusion.

I know what I see and what I have learned from experience or accumulated feedback including conversations with people that I draw from in addition to other available information.

This is just one of the many people I spoke to man, but all you have to do is talk to people yourself and ask them how they got on harder drugs. Don't take my word or his.

I don't think butch said it on camera but he too started with weed.

This is real talk. Not denial or disillusion. Real talk, real life. Love it, hate it, doesn't matter, it's still real and it's still the truth.

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