New O/O!!!!

by Mike

I came out of the military in 09, living outside INDY. Mostly the auto industry there was closed down... with my mind set on law enforcement for over nine yrs... I turned down the border patrol job, and decided I wanted to be a trucker.

Paid my school fees myself, and out of school was hired with a top notch flatbed company, 6 months later, was fired for; well lets just say I was hot headed, swore I would never get back in a truck. haha worked for about 4 months.

On second shift in a auto factory, man it was like high school drama all over again. Was offered an advancement pretty quick, and people that had been there for yrs guess got jealous and stopped me from my promotion. hummmm hot head guess what, I walked out.

A military buddy I new from Iraq, was a trucker... got in contact with him, and Oil fields here I come. That was three yrs ago.... great money was made, learned the ropes, and started my business in steps....first reg the business and set up, of it, months went by bought a camper to live in, months after, worked on getting financing for the truck, started April 1 as my own business.. didn't get to actually operate the truck until May 2.

Lots of details, first two weeks was awesome, every since good but not awesome, simple things like fixing lights, tires, changing oil, has been a learning experience, simply getting stuck in the mud, the company your sub to doesn't send the winch truck free of charge anymore. I do not regret buying the truck, but it has not been the easy street money making cash cow I had it pegged to be.

I have my GI bill still and when I can find time I am putting it to good use on Business classes. I will have a fleet of trucks.

words of wisdom,, the military taught me. ADAPT TO EVERY SITUATION AND OVERCOME IT. THANK YOU US ARMED FORCES!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 09, 2014
Job offering NEW
by: Eric

We have openings for O/O for 81% of total revenue and no deductions right outside Chicago. Give me a call 847-530-9156 is my cell and 708-544-2222 ext 352 is my office phone.

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