Negotiating Rates For Your Load With Multiple Stops - Video

by The Crazy Trucker
(South Carolina)

Negotiating Rates for Load With Multiple Stops

Negotiating Rates for Load With Multiple Stops

When you consider taking truckload of freight with multiple stops, make sure you map where each stop is.

Know the distance to first stop and the distance between stops.

Consider the loading and unloading time at each stop.

Use this to help you determine how far you will make it along each day and how long will you be on that load for the week. Basically when will you be available for the next load.

These things will help you determine a fair rate from the broker or carrier you're lease to. Don't just consider the miles but also the time (days) it will take you to complete.

In this video, I did not do that. I made an assumption about the first stop based on the past with the broker and where the last stop was.

The first stop was less than 300 miles away (5 hours) and the next was about 700 miles away.

Get all of the details. Apparently a lesson that I needed to relearn! lol.

You can watch the video to find out more. It was an exciting run and (spoiler alert) It worked out for me this time.

But making assumptions like this goes causes problems in other aspects of trucking life and even in life in general.

I explain in the video.

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