My Good Diet Menu Plan

A good diet menu plan starts off of course with good diet foods. It is the best way to loose weight and shed belly fat.  So lets get busy with this good diet menu plan.  Naturally you'd expect this to consist of fruits and vegetables.  However, there are other goodies that you will learn about!

The fruits I used were peaches, pairs, pineapples, and mango and banana. (Everything except the bananas came from the can no preservatives in lite syrup or its own juice)

The vegetables I used was spinach and string beans. (Again, remember, I am a trucker so I used the canned veggies, no preservatives, no salt added. Yep they got that now.)

Fiber.  Every good diet menu plan should also make use of fiber cereal. I used Fiber One which has the highest content of fiber I could find, fifty seven percent of the daily RDA.

My good diet menu plan must also consist of meat.

The meats I ate were tuna in water, (right out of the can, nothing added until I reached my target weight 200lbs) Sometimes grilled chicken breast.

Spices.  Did you know that spices were also good diet foods. I used garlic powder on my tuna and chicken. Other spices are also good for healthy diets but I just used garlic powder. If you are at home using fresh garlic is a lot more effective.

For the fruits used about 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon every day.

Most beans make good diet foods, they are low in Carbs and calories and high in protein and fiber. I used kidney and pinto beans.

The Schedule  That I Used Every Day

Well, almost every

Anyone's good diet menu plan should include water all day every day. (Plain water, not mixed with koolaid or other additives)

I also used whey protein powder from GNC (General Nutrition Center) Walmart has some too. Different brand of course. Quality? Don't know, can't tell ya. Seems good.
6-7am or close to it . . .

I ate a can of fruit. mixed a scoop of whey protein and a scoop of vitamin in the fruit juice that was left over to make milk. Of course then I added fiber one cereal to the homemade milk. Plus a bottle of water to take my Calcium plus vitamin D and Garlic pills

10 Or close to it . . .

I ate a can of tuna with garlic powder on it. Plus, a bottle of water.


I ate a can of beans. (You don't have to eat the whole can, I am a big boy)

3-4 pm

I ate a can of tuna or beans.

7-8 pm This meal should not be closer than 2 hour from your bedtime.

I ate a can of fruit with cinnamon in it. (I drank my juice, not sure what the nutrient content of the juice is but thats what I did with mine.

Now, if I got hungry before those mealtimes, I would eat a scope of peanut butter, or put peanut butter on a banana, or eat a banana, (convenient for driving) or drank water until the next meal time.

Doing this I guarantee you that you will loose belly fat and pants size. Your stomach will shrink and you will find yourself requiring less food to feel full. Your energy level will increase, and you will loose weight. Oh, and your cholesterol and blood pressure will drop down.


Obviously, I am not qualified as a person to give advice on weight loss, or dieting, or health, etc. (from a professional standpoint at least, you know what I mean) Consult a doctor before you follow the actions I took to loose weight an lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. I believe this is the best way to loose weight and shed belly fat but everything is not for everybody. Talk to your physician

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