My time on the road was extremely exciting seenning the sight and sounds of the road, truck stops was super awesome.

I was self employed as a owner operator. I always have been self employed and always will. But I shut down due to the fact that I am already but as for the will just have to wait and see.

Because of the reccision and the fact that there never will be a recovery. My truck driving days will probably be back every cent helps.

More than likely with a different company even though I have 3 prior felonies. I refused to allow that to let me not show entrepreneur abilities. Being where Im from and only back only 2 days a year is not a challenge at all for me.

Life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long its my way our the highway. Right now I have too many points on my license. For excessive speeding and a accident already this year.

With that it still doesn't allow me to not get my Cadillac on the road. So I shut down my business to get back to my automobile.

So congratulations to me.

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