Mint flavored Listening mouthwash will get you a DUI in Allen County Indiana.

Was given a DUI AND aND a hit a bridge arrest for not being able to get my sleep,and because someone had planted a liquor bottle in my cab while I was replacing cb antennas on my mirror mounts.

Plus,from having multiple skeletal fractures that I was still recovering from that was still quite sore.I couldn'the hold my head back as far as the lawman wanted me to because I had received a double cervical fracture which wasn'the completely healed enough to perform that gymnastic ritual,plus my right knee had been folded upward from the front and was still sore and tender. Was tired from almost driving Crete Nebraska to Ft.Wayne Indiana,stopped to get some food,antennas,and rest,but a reefer unit running parked beside me made me look for a quieter place to park.

While changing my passenger side antenna,two drivers from Warner Transport came and asked for some of the orange juice that I was drinking and I gave it to them and kept adjusting the antenna.

Since I had both door open,they sneaked a gin bottle in my driver door and sneaked back inside their truck and drove from the truck stop(The forty niner).

So after finishing with the antennas,as usual,I rinsed my mouth with my trust my trusty listerine and tried to fall asleep. after a brief period I was was brought back to reasily by a loud unit that had parked beside me, that'sounds when I started my truck and was going to another spot that was quieter.

And that is when all the law lying started. Everything I ATTEMPTED to say in answering him,WAS WRONG!!!! The breathalyzer was wet inside prior to my mouth touching it,but he rimmed ithe in my mouth anyway.

Also, no regards the(listerine) that I had recently had in my mouth,plus,the beautiful blue and chrome long nosed KW I was driving,was just too much for him. As I look back over the situation,he could have put that bottle in my truck,or,could have had it done.

Anyway,me and all my co- workers avoids the state of Indiana because we all drive beautiful trucks and we are of African decent,so we know to avoid Indiana like it'should a plague.

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Apr 18, 2016
Actually it will NEW
by: Anonymous

DUI for truckers is.04

Any alcohol in any product even nyquil can give you a DUI

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