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by Marni
(Fort Worth, TX)

Our 25 Anniversary

Our 25 Anniversary

Well lets see....Im the wife of a new truck driver. He has just started in the last 6 months due to losing his job from the economy slowdown.

It was quite a surprise but he is loving every minute of learning and getting out there driving. Although I do know that it is very hard for him to be away from home and his family. He has a new grandson that he misses terribly.

Me? Well I'm handling it just like I handle everything in our life. Our children are older (25 and 22) so it makes this career change easier but its still hard to have him away.

He has traveled before for his job but not for weeks at a time. And having him home for 4 months before he found this helped us realize that we do enjoy each others company all over again....and now he has to be gone much of the time.

So here I am at home with the family...missing my hubby and sometimes just wishing for a face to face conversation....or just someone to hold my hand while we watch TV.

BUT we do what we must to survive in this crazy world. I am living with my daughter and her hubby. Due to what happened and we are actually helping each other out all the way around...You know the saying "It Takes a Village" well we have out own little village going on.

They both work crazy retail jobs so I'm am taking care of my year old grandson Greyson so that he doesn't have to go to daycare. He keeps me very busy and I dont have a lot of time to let my mind wonder.

Only, when we go to the pool....cause Papa loves taking his Greybear to the pool..or when we go to the zoo or park...because Papa loves taking him there too, hummmmm.....doesn't really seem to be working huh?

Oh well there really isn't a way to not think about it as all of you have experienced.
I try to stay busy with other things like sewing....scrap just my family.

Our son is now in the army so that is a worry that is on my mind at all times also.
So that's me. I'm just a normal Stay at home Mom/Memaw that still takes care of her family and loves every minute of it.

But, also totally missing my hubby just being around when I want the conversations that we so enjoy having.......

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Nov 25, 2015
by: DOUG


May 11, 2014
I nneed help new trucker wife NEW
by: Kathy

I need help get throught this being new trucker wife my husband just finish his training and has been home . will be go on the road tomorrow. I been crying off and on since he been home . I was glad he been home. I wish i didnt cry as mucg while he been home.We have 11 year old boy that hasnt done well since his dad become truck drive. I wish i look up about trucker wives supprot group soon. I would love talk to trucker wives online about also if talk on the phone or if there is support group where i live. I need help and support very much. But most of all i want my husband home with me.

Jul 17, 2009
Welcome G/f
by: Jennifer S


So glad to see that you did a profile! Welcome aboard, and look forward to blogging with you!

Today is our daughters 11th birthday- and KEITH SNUCK HOME!

Have a great week-end, and talk to you soon


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