looking for trucking companies hiring drivers out of the Abiline Tx area

by Terry Rose
(Abilene, Texas)

I have driven a truck for several years. In October of 2008 I got a DWI in my personal vehicle and that ended my driving career for now.

I received that DWI in 2008 but I wasn't convicted of it until October of 2009 when I went to trial. I make a lot less money now and I miss the freedom of the road.

I ran hard as a trucker and was real good at what I did. When I started driving a truck back in the late 1970's things were different back then. People didn't go to truck driving schools. For instance, I started working in a warehouse and later on was trained to drive a truck from a friend that drove a truck for that warehouse.

Anyway, I have to work on getting my CDL back and probably take some refresher courses before anybody will consider me as a driver.

I learned a hard lesson and this will never happen to me again by getting a DWI. I realize that even though I have several years trucking experience, that companies will look at me as having no experience since It's been over 3 years since I've driven a truck.

I'm looking for any kind of trucking job, but first I have to work on getting my CDL back. I've pulled dry vans, reefers, doubles, flatbeds, and tankers. whatever it takes to get back into trucking I'm willing. I know I'm starting all over again at the bottom with bottom pay.

For me it's not about the money, it's about the trucking life being in my blood. I just miss the heck out it.

Terry Rose

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