Looking for advice on how to quit a company

by NickV
(San Antonio,TX)

Well the day has come I think. Found something with better pay and more hometime and dont worry boys its legit. JB Hunt offered me a 12=2 program getting home every other weekend and at .35cpm.

Right now as a lead (trainer) im makin .31 and im sure if any of you have been in this position you can say that it isn't worth .45. Im ready to put this whole team thing behind me and move up to the next rung on the ladder.

Crete accepted me also but they want me to start my hazmat endorsment which is about 100 bucks and yeah they will reimburst it but they said they would have me out for 21=2. Really just looking for more hometime and JB seems to be the best route. Please comment on that portion if you could please.

Now onto my next question. How the heck do I get out of CRST without getting all kinds of nasty reports on my d.a.c.? Right now I am in the middle of training a guy and will be done in two weeks. Now I dont intend on just leaving cause quite frankly its wrong to do to him, screw the company I just want him to get through training so he can move on.

JB told me to wait til he gets done and then tell them to route me back home. Only problem is I gotta take him back to fontana cause that's his home terminal and they are gonna want to stick a new student in my truck at which point I will say I found a new job or whatnot and im kinda afraid they are gonna say ok, get out of our truck and have a nice day. Guess I should have thought a little more about this before I left this time and I would have packed a little lighter but as you gentleman well know, we kinda got a lot in these trucks now a days. Not like I can get on a bus with a tv and fridge etc.

SO, my question is how should I go about this? JB said it is illegal for them to just kick me out and they have to at least pay for a bus ticket home. Don't know if that is true but them recruiters will tell you anything you want to hear. Best odds would be for them to get me back to our "terminal" in Laredo and that's only 2 and a half hours so I could get a ride and take my stuff with me.

Next option would be OKC which is still do able, more of a pain and gas but do able. Im just trying to find the best way to cut ties. Ive heard it can be a painful process but you just gotta roll with it. Plus I wanted to leave as nicely as possible so they dont put on my record that I just up and quit.

I have no problem running loads back to my neck of the woods what so ever. Im not going to abandon my truck and just walk off either. Trying to go about it the smartest way possible but every time I come up with a plan of attack i find something wrong with it as far as what they can do or how they may react.

They are bringing in so many students these days im sure they wont be happy with losing a trainer and im just preparing for the worst really.

Anything will help at this point guys and thanks for everything once again. Always such a big help with my decisions and that's what truckin's all about, passing down wisdom.

Thanks guys

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Jan 21, 2017
Quitting Your Trucking Job
by: Hervy

how to quit your truck driving job safely

Aug 28, 2010
Nick says goodbye....
by: Jimmy

Doesn't seem that long ago you would take any job to get into trucking, and now, you are ready to quit the company that got you in the door, but, life goes on as they say. Dude, just give 2 weeks notice and tell them you need to end up at your home terminal BEFORE the 2 week period. Yes, you may get jacked around and end up in Fontana with all your stuff on the ground in their dirt lot, or, they may play it your way, and actually get you back to Laredo exactly 2 weeks later. But, that's trucking. As said above, Do NOT quit under a load. Keep us posted and remember, ALL trucking companies are basically the same, so, JB Hunt is just another company with a different name on the door. Jimmy

Aug 28, 2010
by: American Trucker

Give them their notice ....DO NOT QUIT UNDER LOAD OR UNDER DISPATCH.an good luck with your future job hope it works out.if dont contact me.maybe i can help.

American Trucker

Aug 27, 2010
by: Dennis Shipman

Honesty is always the best policy. Do not discuss it with your driver manager, though. Take it right to the top and put in a call to the terminal manager. Tell him or her what your plans are, how soon you would like to make those plans a reality, and ask respectfully but firmly if you can be routed to the terminal of your choice after you are "light," have your trainee squared away, not "commited to another load, and are ready to move on to your next evolution. Best of luck. 10-4?

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