Look ahead..... Trucking is like a game of Chess

by Tommy
(Los Angeles, Ca. )


Look ahead. Pretend trucking is a chess game. You are always anticipating your opponent's next move.

Pretty soon it will seem as if you possess a crystal ball.

You will notice stereotypes and stereotypical moves.

Four wheelers have the tendency to only look directly in front of them. You should always be looking as far ahead, behind and to each side, all the time, every time, looking for ways of escape.

Create "worse-case" scenarios when you are in heavy traffic. Do you have an exit plan? Can you predict what will probably happen within the next few miles?

You will get so good at this that you will not only be able to tell the future, you will be able to take control of a pending bad situation by making certain moves.

You don't use this ability to cause someone trouble, but believe me there are times you can shut a four wheeler down for mis behaviour and complete blatancy to everything that is right and fair.

Look ahead. No matter what... always, always know whats coming up behind, along side and what is happening as far as your eyes can see... and then some.....

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